photo by Mike Olson

photo by Mike Olson

This is a partial list. It is arranged chronologically, starting with the most recent works first. I decided to cut it off at around 1980. Prior to that I composed many pieces for various Rock and Jazz groups in which I participated as a keyboard player. None of that material is included in this list. The list is also limited in that it focuses on what I would consider to be my personal music projects. It does not include the many strictly commercial music projects, which I have created for clients over the years. For more information on my commercial work, please see my company web site at

All The Best Words
2019 - manipulated spoken word

2018 - Polyfusion modular synthesizer

Alien Insects
2017 - Analog modular synthesizer

Resonant Quarry
2017 - Analog modular synthesizer

Rotational Asymmetries
2016 - Hammond organ and Moog Model 12 modular synthesizer

Murmurations of the Krell
2016 - Tim Kaiser Quad Oscillator and various signal processors

Chamber of Mechanisms
2016 - ARP 2500 analogue modular synthesizer

North Loop
2016 - analogue modular synthesizers, Minimoog, Roland D550 and Fender Rhodes electric piano

Implied Movement
2015 - analogue modular synthesizers and Minimoog

Breathing Voltages
2014 - analogue modular synthesizers and Minimoog 

De Novo
2013 - Moog Model 12 modular synthesizer, Hammond organ and drums

2011 - choir

2009 - 18 piece mixed ensemble

2008 - mixed chamber ensemble and spoken word

Flute Clouds
2007 - choreographic project / sculpture unveiling - western and nonwestern flutes, and percussion

Dick and Don
2004 - manipulated spoken word

What They're Doing
2004 - mixed chamber ensemble

Skylands of VonMorse
2003 - film score - mixed chamber ensemble

Short Black Winter
2003 - string quartet with computer manipulation

Actual W
2002 - electronic - fragment piece constructed from diverse source material

2002 - synthesizers and samplers

Antiphonal Winds
2001 - double woodwind quintet with piano

System Error
1995 - trumpet, trombone, bass bamboo flute, guitar, bass, vibraphone, synthesizers and samplers

Roam and Spy
1994 - acoustic and electric guitars, synthesizers, samplers and percussion

Raymond's Electronium
1993 - electric guitars, clarinet, soprano sax, alto sax, trumpet, trombone, synthesizers and samplers

Peace Dividend
1993 - guitar, 2 tenor saxes, 2 percussionists, 4 found object performers and minimoog

Circus Accident
1993 - guitar, 2 trumpets, 2 tenor saxes, synthesizers and samplers

Office Furniture From Outer Space
1992 - guitar, bass, electronic wind instrument, synthesizers and samplers

The Angels
1992 - choreographic project - women's chorus, harp, percussion, piano, pipe organ and tape

Dream Dealer
1992 - film score - synthesizers and samplers

1991 - synthesizers and samplers

Head Hunters
1991 - synthesizers and samplers, and field recordings of indigenous singers

1991 - solo oboe

1991 - minimoog, percussion and tape

Bottom of the Ninth
1991 - film score - guitar, drums, synthesizers and samplers

To Go I Know Not Whither
1991 - film score - synthesizers and samplers 

Song of the Badger
1991 - bass clarinet, 2 percussionists and piano

The Basketball Scenarios
1990 - quartet of performers using basketballs, referee whistles and their own voices

1990 - solo electronic percussion with computer

1990 - solo electronic percussion

Where Are We
1990 - saxophone quartet

The Other
1990 - synthesizers and samplers

I Felt Whacko
late '80s - synthesizers, samplers, reverb percussion instrument and musique concrete

A Found Environment
late '80s - synthesizers, samplers, prepared electric piano and reverb percussion instrument

Live Electronics
late '80s - synthesizers, samplers, prepared electric piano and reverb percussion instrument

Arctic Arc
1988 - film score - synthesizers and samplers

Breakfast on Broadway
1988 - film score - synthesizers and samplers

Barge Dance
1988 - choreographic project - synthesizers and samplers

The History of Television
1988 - synthesizers and samplers

1988 - electric piano, synthesizers and samplers

Subic Bay Beach Party
1988 - synthesizers, samplers, electric piano and tape

Ritual Gathering
1988 - electric piano, synthesizers and reverb percussion instrument

Land Bridge
1988 - prepared electric piano, Polyfusion modular synthesizer and reverb percussion instrument

Memory #11
1987 - prepared electric piano, Polyfusion modular synthesizer and reverb percussion instrument

Fungi From Yuggoth
1987 - synthesizers and samplers, with spoken word

Watership Down
1987 - theatrical production - synthesizers and samplers

Count Your Brains Out
1987 - synthesizers and samplers

Final Belay Station
1987 - synthesizers and samplers

Saturday Morning
1987 - synthesizers

Christmas Meditations 1 and 2
1987 - processed electric piano and reverb percussion instrument

1987 - flute choir

Cowboys on Mars
1987 - synthesizers

The Phone Call
1986 - theatrical production - synthesizers

Three Days in the Arrowhead
1986 - synthesizers, samplers and prepared electric piano

Control Current
1986 - synthesizers

Random Cannons 1-4
1986 - string quartet

The Seven Seals
1986 - men's chorus

Psalm 42:11
1986 - mixed chorus

Enigmatic Interludes in South Minneapolis
1985 - bassoon quartet

A Christmas Carol
1985 - theatrical production - synthesizers and samplers

Stage Matrix II
1985 - open instrumentation

Urban Space
1985 - singers, flute, bass recorder, saxophone, cello, marimba, vibraphone, guitar, bass and synths

The Frozen Moment
1984 - mixed chorus

Stage Matrix I
1983 - percussion quartet

Water Journey
1983 - string quartet

Dancing Turtles of the Amazon
early '80s - percussion ensemble

Our Friends the Ducks
early '80s - saxophone quartet

Sea Forest
early '80s - percussion ensemble

Inside Waltz
early '80s - jazz big band

Patterns for Four Minimoogs
early '80s - Minimoog quartet

Charles Manson Takes a Nap
early '80s - flute and piano

Electronic Dialogue
early '80s - DX7 synthesizer duet

You Are Round
early '80s - electronic tape

Washington Avenue
early '80s - synthesizers and electronic tape

Trance Image
early '80s - synthesizers

Everything is in Question
early '80s - woodwind quartet

early '80s - theatrical production - mixed chamber ensemble with singers

early '80s - brass choir

Bricks and Paper
early '80s - actually scored for bricks and paper

No Text
early '80s - string trio and three sopranos, (later adapted for string trio and flute trio)

Toaster Ovens on Parade
early '80s - alto flute, bassoon, bass and vibraphone