Control Current 

This is an excerpt from a larger (42 min.) piece that was created to be performed live by two keyboardists playing synthesizers, aided by computers for sequencing.  It was created in 1986 with help from the St. Paul Riverfront Commission Grant Program. The other keyboardist who collaborated with me on this piece was Ted Greenbaum.  There was also a video projection that went along with the piece, which was shot by Robert Vaaler.  Robert and I spent many days at the Minnesota Historical Society shooting video of still images.  We did a lot of camera movement over these stills: very slow zooms, pans and tilts.  (Remember, this was 1986 - well before Ken Burns patented the now famous "Ken Burns Effect" in his wonderful film on the Civil War.)  The imagery focuses on the upper Mississippi River, extending as far south as St. Paul.  It illustrates how people's relationship to the river have evolved over time.