DX7 2

Electronic Dialogue

Scored for two Yamaha DX7s in the early 1980s.  This piece employs a simple concept and relies on musical/improvisational sensitivity by the performers.  The DX7s are loaded with a special series of preset sounds.  The piece begins with the volume set to zero on both instruments, using volume pedals. Player one selects the first preset sound on their instrument, strikes a big clustery chord in the lower register with the sustain pedal depressed, and then slowly fades it in using the volume pedal.  The second player then follows the same procedure; however, the presets on their instrument will be different than those on player one's instrument, and seeing as the chords are not specifically notated, their random clustery chord will be different than the one player one chose. Player two slowly fades their chord in against the chord being held by player one.  Then, when player one feels the timing is appropriate, they slow fade their chord out, release the sustain pedal, re-depress the sustain pedal again, play a new chord of their choosing in response to what player two has chosen, and slowly fade it in.  This process of crossfading chords and harmonic textures continues until all of the preloaded presets have been exhausted.  

This piece was performed once at the University of Minnesota by myself and Ted Greenbaum.