Raymond's Electronium

This piece was composed and recorded from August through October of 1993, and is included on the System Error CD. The title is a reference to the composer Raymond Scott who is most well known for his influence on Warner Brothers cartoon music composer Carl Stalling. Stalling quoted extensively from Scott's material from the late '30s and early '40s. This material was a prime example of the popular music of the day. The "Electronium" was a pioneering electronic music device invented by Raymond Scott. Raymond's Electronium does not include any Raymond Scott quotes and is not even written in a Raymond Scott style. I chose it as a title because I was listening to a lot of Scott's music in the period just prior to when I began writing the piece. I also consider myself to be influenced by him indirectly through the work of Carl Stalling due to my heavy childhood television music saturation.


Kevin Frawley
John Devine
Brad Holden
Steve Kenny
Brian Van Stavern
Kevin Daley
Mike Olson


Soprano Sax
Alto Sax
Synthesizers and Samplers