Water Journey

A string quartet I wrote in 1983 while I was a composition student at the University of Minnesota. It was considered rather controversial in some circles at the time, seeing as most of my composition teachers were hard core serialists, and this piece is anything but.  It's very tonal, or what would be called in Classical music, "Romantic", though I think it's closer to Impressionism. That's because of some of the harmonic content.  However, some spots sound almost a little Haydn-esqe.  

An interesting anecdote regarding the performers: The three Ultans were in fact sisters and the daughters of Lloyd Ultan, the Dean of the School of Music and the University of Minnesota.  


Violin I
Violin II


Wendy Ultan
Alicia Ultan
Jacueline Ultan

Four of my University of Minnesota colleagues playing Water Journey.  Not the same people who played on the recording.  I remember some of their faces, but unfortunately, I don't recall any of their names.

Water Journey score