Your Are Round

And electronic tape piece created at the University of Minnesota electronic music lab in collaboration with Paul Reller in the early 1980s.  The recording makes use of musique concrete techniques and manipulated voice recordings, some of which are being processed through Bode Frequency Shifter on the studio's Moog 55 modular synthesizer. This tape recording was one component of a multi-media piece, which also included the projection of old home movies from the 1950s, a performer, (Paul) dangling above the stage in a climbing harness playing a horn that could only produce a single pitch, while swinging around to various suspended radios and retuning them, and the actual ordering of a pizza.  The piece began with me walking out onto the stage, picking up a telephone, which had been wired into the sound system, (remember, this was before cellphones) and ordering a pizza to be delivered to the stage door of the auditorium.  The plan was to extend all of the improvisational elements of the performance until the pizza arrived.  When the pizza delivery guy showed up, he was directed to bring the pizza out onto the stage.  He had no idea there was a performance going on.  When he walked out onto the stage, the audience erupted in laughter and applause, bringing the piece to an end.