The Angels Overture

This piece is included on the System Error CD and was originally created in the Spring of 1992 for New York choreographer Rosanna Gamson for her project entitled "The Angels". It was intended to function as an overly dramatic, somewhat tongue-in-cheek opening for the show. The piece is all electronic with some headphone feedback and a little (very heavily processed) voice. The piece also makes use of an old spring reverb which I have rebuilt into a strange low tech electronic percussion instrument; this in addition to all of the usual electronic paraphernalia. 

Unfortunately, this overture is the only piece from the set of pieces which I composed for the production, that I have a recording of. It was the only tape piece created for the show. The other pieces were written for a small chamber group, women's chorus and pipe organ. The pipe organ was included in the instrumentation because it was appropriate, but also because there was a pipe organ in Washington Square Church, where the performance was staged.