This is a compilation CD put out by Innova Recordings and the American Composer's Forum in 1987, which features the work of a number of Minnesota composers, including Mike Olson's Three Days in the Arrowhead.  The title is a reference to the Arrowhead region of Minnesota - a subject he would return to years later with his piece, Noopiming. Back when this CD was put out, the American Composer's Forum was still the Minnesota Composer's Forum, which is why the CD features Minnesota composers exclusively.  Mike's three-movement composition, Three Days in the Arrowhead, uses MIDI sequenced synthesizers and samplers, Minimoog and some extended techniques on a prepared Yamaha CP-80 electric piano



Vinyl Lines – May 1988, Duluth, Minnesota
Freefall – A Compilation from Minnesota
by Shaun Keenan Gilson

Mike Olson's "Three Days in the Arrowhead" is the piece most likely to be mistaken as new age music on the record. In fact, I quite mistakenly prejudged it as exactly that with only the evidence of its title and first few seconds. Give this one a couple of listens. It is quite moving and complex using only electronic instruments. 

The Minnesota Daily – Friday , May 13 1988
Various Artists - Freefall (Innova Recordings)
by Joseph Rydholm

In contrast to Tibbetts' predominantly acoustic approach, Mike Olson's "Three Days in the Arrowhead," practically glows with a state-of-the-art studio sheen, courtesy of synths, samplers, and a drum machine. But Olson keeps the ice off the potentially frosty proceedings through a soulful use of sound that never lets the technology overshadow the music.

Option: Music Alternatives – May/June 1988
by Dean Suzuki

Mike Olson emerges from anonymity with an excellent work for electronic media, "Three Days in the Arrowhead." It has moments of mystery, great beauty, and wonderful colors transcending so much of the synthesizer tripe that floods the market.

Jazziz – July 1988
by John Diliberto

Mike Olson's "Three Days in the Arrowhead" ranges from a pedestrian DX-7 bass kalimba track through some sweeping sustained atmospheres to a trance-like rhythm piece.