My recently acquired vintage Polyfusion 2000. The actual keyboard is still going through restoration, but I have started making music with it. Very exciting. I feel so lucky. I've known about this particular instrument for many years. I know the owner who purchased it new back in the early '80s, (maybe late '70s?). It's been in storage for decades and I would periodically ask him if he would be interested in selling it. Last year when I made my annual check-in with him, he finally relented, (with the caveat that he will have lifetime access to it in my studio). So, I'm only the second owner of this rare beauty. It even still has it's original white patch cables with Polyfusion's own custom 1/4 plugs in various colors, which look great against the black panels. I took this picture during the CD release party for Breathing Voltages. I just whipped up a patch to show how great it looks. 

My latest electronic piece, Alien Insects, was stimulated by my discovery of this old early '60s vintage equipment rack. I cleaned it up and clear coated it to preserve the patina and honest wear it has "earned" over the decades. I then filled it up with a bunch of modular synthesizer gear and I must say, I absolutely love how it looks. It looks as if it came right off the set of an early sci-fi movie. 


I recently performed at the 2017 SEAMUS national conference in St. Cloud.
The resulting composition is entitled Resonant Quarry



My new Breathing Voltages CD is now available. All new electronic music from the past couple years.